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It comes from the mexican slang word: "desmadre". Which means "havoc". It is usually used in a positive connotation meaning that something rocks, such as parties and stuff. When used upon a person "desmadroso" or "desmadrosa" if it's a girl it has the same positive connotation, unless, it is accompanied by an insult or expressed in a scornful manner.

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Hope this helps. I usually use it to describe people who have a lot of fun, like partying and other stuff. But it can be used to describe someone who is very messy and never picks up after himself. Daedalus Omega Lv 6. That you are a hore. If they say it to you.A Poco Meaning: really? A poco crees que voy a salir contigo. Do you really think I'm going to go out with you? Es director de cine y todas las pelis que hace son a todo dar! That dude is great!

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My blood-sucking lawyer gets it all. Acelerado Literal Meaning: speeded up Meaning: hyper, hectic, swamped Mijo Carlitos es de naturaleza acelerado. Yo soy una persona tranquila. En el trabajo esta semana estamos todos acelerados con un proyecto grande y complicado. My son Carlitos is by nature hyper. I am a laid-back person.

Mexican Slang Dictionary

This week at work we are all swamped with a big, complicated project. Ahora se lo va a decir a Miriam. Agringarse Meaning: To become like a gringo, to act like a gringo.

That dude went to the U. Los abuelos decidieron vivir en Durango durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. My cousin Memo is from Durango but his parents and grandparents are from Campeche. The grandparents decided to live in Durango during the Second World War. Sus cuadros son alucinantes, de colores vivos y temas surrealistas e intelectuales.

Arturo is an incredible artist. His paintings are amazing, with vivid colores and surreal and intellectual themes. Amor Prohibido Meaning: forbidden love Juan no se puede casar con Casandra, ni siquiera salir con ella. Ellos tienen un amor prohibido. Juan cannot marry Casandra, or even go out with her. Theirs is a forbidden love. Hee hee! My mom was half drunk at the wedding. She was dancing for hours with the most handsome man at the event, the son of her great friend Petra.

Andar Pacheco Meaning: to be high No hagas caso a lo que dijo Beto la otra noche. Anduvo bien pacheco. He was really high. Andas pedo, no sabes lo que dices. Shut up, asshole.Photograph Source: rupert miller — CC0. On August 3, a white supremacist walked into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and murdered 22 people and injured dozens more. The following week, just four days after the El Paso massacre, Mexicans were once again targeted and terrorized. This time it was not by civilians but by ICE agents.

The sequence of events is heartbreaking. The suffering is palpable. Yet, there is an odd clarity and undeniable familiarity to it all. The barrage of attacks, which happened within ten days of each other, all clearly and specifically targeted Mexican and Central American communities. The killers were explicit as to who they intended to murder and the ICE raids had the same population in mind.

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It is familiar because all of this has happened countless times before. In the wake of the El Paso shootings, there have been several news articles and opinion writings seeking to place the attacks within a broader historical context.

Although these articles are generally correct in their analysis, we need to widen the historical lens. For example, many news commentators have condemned Trump for essentially causing these attacks. While Trump has his share of responsibility in the murders by encouraging and emboldening white supremacists with his anti-immigrant and specifically anti-Mexican hateful rhetoric, Donald Trump is hardly the author of these sentiments.

A few journalists have declared that the real origins of these attacks are the anti-immigrant policies which resurged in the s and s. Yet others with a broader historical approach have correctly pointed out that anti-Mexican violence has a long and hardened presence in this country spanning well over a century. Texas alone has an astounding and horrific history of lynchings, massacres and overall terrorism staged against Mexican people. Even references towhile an important landmark, do not go far enough.

In the decades following the official end of the war, it was not uncommon for Mexicans now living in the Southwest United States to be lynched, harassed, relegated to second class status, and treated as foreigners in their ancestral land. This violence directed at Mexicans was totally predictable since the new White authorities wanted to send a clear message to the newly conquered people that there was a new racial hierarchy which would reign over the land and should not be challenged.

However, even the Mexican American War was a relatively recent manifestation of much older ideas. Since October ofwhen Christopher Columbus unwittingly landed in The Bahamas and stumbled onto The Americas, European colonizers and their allies have waged an uninterrupted war on the original peoples of the Western hemisphere.Log in Sign up.

A masculine noun is used with masculine articles and adjectives e. A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech e.


My life has been complete chaos since I lost my job. The way the event was organized was a disaster. My room is a mess. I'll tidy it up soon. The birthday celebration was a really wild party. Regionalism used in the United States. La fiesta fue un desmadre. The party was a blast. Mi novio y yo acabamos en un desmadre anoche. My boyfriend and I ended up at a rave-up last night.

what does desmadrosa mean?

A noun is a word referring to a person, animal, place, thing, feeling or idea e. The organization of the seminar is a mess.

When you put it like that, it sounds like a blast. Tenemos un desmadre en nuestras manos, pero, oye, disfruta tu noche libre. We've got a riot on our hands, but, hey, enjoy your night off.

Tenemos que darle la vuelta a esto antes de que se desmadre. We have to spin this before it gets spun. Un aviso, voy a empezar el desmadre ahora.Disclaimer: These translations and definitions have been done to the best of my knowledge, and without prejudice or malice. This is a glossary intended to inform those who want to know the meanings of common Mexican terms, not to stir up controversy or ill-feeling.

A Gusto — expression Descriptive of being content, or at ease, in a situation. A Toda Madre — adj Excellent, or first class. Aeromosa — noun An air hostess, originally for Aeromexico, but can be used for any airline. Aguitado — adj A sad or pensative mood.

Also Apachurrado. Ahuevo — exclam An exclamation in the affirmative. Often in celebration or passion.

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Ajale — exclam Exclamation indicating surprise or shock. Al Gusto — adj Usually referring to food, prepared in the style which the diner desires. Huevos al Gusto Eggs as you like them.

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Can also be used in other contexts. This is a dish inherited from Lebanese immigrant cuisine. Albur — noun Wordplay in which a sentence is constructed to sound like a more offensive grouping of words. Amarrar Navajas — verh To instigate or encourage conflict in which one will not be involved. To stir up trouble between other people.

Andarse Comiendo — verb To be having regular, casual sex with an individual. Apachurrado — adj Sad, quiet or pensative mood. Aporreado — noun A dish typical to the Tierra Caliente in which dried beefsteak, egg, beans, tomatoes and spices are stewed together. Also known as Aporreadillo. Asagata — noun A rude version of Asafata. It would be extremely ill-advised to refer to an air hostess in this way. Asafata — noun An air hostess. Also AeromosaSobrecarga. Atole — noun A traditional drink made from corn, in which the starch from the grains forms the base of the beverage.

Aventado — noun An individual who acts without thinking. Auto Chocolate — noun A vehicle registered in the United States, which is brought across the border without undergoing the proper import procedure, and is simply used in the border region. B Grande — noun The letter B. Ballena — noun A Caguamaspecifically of Pacifico beer, found only in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where the brewery is based.

A style of music originating in the north of the country, in which brass, wind and percussion instruments are key. Bato — See Vato.We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly.

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Alex US English. Daniel British. Karen Australian. Veena Indian.

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How to say desmadre in sign language? Select another language:. Discuss these desmadre definitions with the community: 0 Comments. Notify me of new comments via email. Cancel Report. Create a new account. Log In. Powered by CITE. Are we missing a good definition for desmadre? Don't keep it to yourself Submit Definition. The ASL fingerspelling provided here is most commonly used for proper names of people and places; it is also used in some languages for concepts for which no sign is available at that moment.

There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage.

Get instant definitions for any word that hits you anywhere on the web!The word 'desmadre' is considered bad language in Mexico. You only use it around friends but never ever in a formal occasion. It fascinates me to see how different the meanings of words can be depending on the country where they are spoken.

This seems to be yet another of those words that is perfectly innocent in Spain but has become taboo in Mexico. I just asked a Mexican friend what her opinion is and she said, "Desmadre es faltar el respeto a los demas. She said, "No, porque es malo. I'm curious as to whether there are other countries where it is considered offensive or if it's generally okay everywhere but in Mexico.

HI alba, always appreciate this kind of pointing out a thread which may be of bad content. However, desmadre is used so commonly in Spain that I cannot think of a situation where this could not be used.

I mean, this is a word, you can hear in any kind of everyday conversation. The word madre in itself, not the same thing. There's been some debate lately about what is appropriate on the site.

I'm not entirely sure whether the word should or should not be allowed but I didn't want to see your question get deleted, Neago. Just because it's in the dictionary doesn't mean that it's appropriate language. I know people who would never say that word around children The dictionary definition is over simplified for this. Around here "desmadre" is a way of saying "messed up" or a closer translation would be "screwed up". After I posted this I realized it could be misunderstood -- I did not mean "nizhoni" -- your response is certianly correct.

This was just a example that came to my mind. I know you understand. Not to worry I have never come out of the "dunce corner". The dictionary has a few good definitions: chaos, confusion, wild party to name a few. I took a couple of words out of your heading to make the word more searchable in the future.

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